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About Rescue 1

Velo Atlanta Cycling Club is pleased to invite you to come and enjoy a scenic ride through some of Georgia's historical communities while experiencing the tranquility of the quiet country back roads and pastoral rollings hills of Walton and Morgan County.

The Rescue 1 Century will provide - Cue Sheets, Marked Routes, SAG Support, and Rest Stops. A light lunch will be provided after the ride.
Event Information
Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at 8:00A.M.
Social Circle High School
154 Alcova Dr, Social Circle, GA 30025
2019 Registration Fees
Early Bird thru April 10th
$40 ea. - Individual
$35 ea. - Groups 10 or more
April 11th thru 30th
$45 ea. - Individual & Group
May 1st thru 7th
$50 ea. - Individual & Group
May 11th
$55 ea. - Individual & Group
Online Advance Registration Closes May 7th
Course Information
Routes 20, 35, 66 & 101 miles
The Rescue 1 Century will provide - cue sheets, marked routes, SAG Support and Rest Stops. A light lunch will be provided after the ride.
Cancellation & Refund Policy
Velo Atlanta Cycling Club has a NO REFUND policy. Please note that we do not offer any refunds or discount codes if you cancel your registration for this event.

We have some exciting news to announce for 2019!

For the second year, Velo Atlanta Cycling Club will continue our partnership with youthSpark, an organization known for its efforts in advocating for justice and combating abuse in vulnerable children and families.

youthSpark's stated vision is - a world in which no child is a product that can be bought, sold, or abused. Their mission is to advocate for youth who are in need of legal and adult protection in abusive and exploitative situations.

Check out the following website, http://youth-spark.org/, to learn more about the work being done on behalf of the often forgotten victims of abuse and how you may get involved in the fight.

Donate to the Rescue1Century

Rescue 1 Century - 101 Miles
Ride With GPS
101mi Cue Sheet
Rescue 1 Metric - 66 Miles
66mi Cue Sheet
Rescue 1 35 Miles
Ride With GPS
35mi Cue Sheet
Rescue 1 20 Miles
Ride With GPS
20mi Cue Sheet
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Note: Velo Atlanta makes no warranties as to the conditions, safety, distance, accuracy, or suitability of any route for cycling. Remember you ride at your own risk and it is up to you to use your best judgment and common sense at all times when you are cycling.

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